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Limelight is an Internet gaming consultancy firm who specialise in advising leading companies on the most appropriate product selection strategy in order to capture the interest of the worldwide gaming markets.


With 10 years’ industry specific experience and an enviable portfolio of clients, Limelight can achieve our mission to assist your business to thrive and prosper. Whether you are a newcomer with strong investment team support or a mature operator with a solid financial status, Limelight can offer you a bespoke service.


We aim to deliver a tailor made product for you that will underpin your strategy to achieve your customer base growth plans combined with cost effective solutions.


Currently, our clients’ preferred product choice is the Live streaming casino platform associated with Live Dealers but our entire CRM program, featuring the affiliate and bonus system, Sportsbook, Electronic Casino games, Multi-line Slots and Real Poker Solutions continue to be fundamental to our client’s everyday business requirements.